Gas Powered Jesus

Axis of Evil

Deus vult!
Smite the axis of evil!

Shades of terror in diguise
They'll kill you and take your children away
News preaching of the apocalypse
Black omens covering your life's grey

Creating monsters by weaving the lies
Knitting your media
Moving the masses with their fear to die
Knowledge is power
The power that they wish to hide!

Quenchless appetite
Never satisfied
World be pacified
Axis turning right

Counter measures take its course
Resource wars to keep evil at bay
Time's rushing through the gears of war
And midnight is coming our way!

Gather your offspring and hide for your life
Fearing reprisal
We will protect you from your sacrifice
Terror is reborn
The axis of evil is nigh!

Justice misapplied
Steel and fire fly
Bringers of the blight
Axis turning right*

Falling away
From chaos to doom

Freedom's betrayed
About time you knew

Power decays
Prepare for the coup

Keep in place
The Axis' turning right


Trallery + Soldier
  • Fecha: 22/9/2018
  • Lugar: Mogambo, Donosti
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