Gas Powered Jesus


Playing God is something but I'd rather make a fire
Like a ray of lightning striking down right through your soul
Being a tyrant in my country fails to satisfy me
Burning down humanity is one within my hopes

Crashing their lies
Right into your home
A vast pile of feces is taking control

They won't hear your cries
- It's not like they won't
But they'd rather toast to the sound of the bombs

Drilling your eyes
With censorized news
Another example of media's abuse

Wrecking the wise
Promoting the fools
It's easy to know that they won't let you choose

Destroyers (x2)

Cry for the crisis
And refuse to see
That blood from the children is fuelling your car

They'll bring us progress
And prosperity
Gathering black gold from genocidal wars

Pleading is vain
They will not refuse
To keep draining souls to distille their black booze

You think you're safe
That you won't get screwed
But playing this game we are all bound to lose

Destroyers (x4)

Playing God is something,
But I'd rather make a fire

Destroyers (x4)


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