Gas Powered Jesus

Theory of Nothing

The establishment and the media scheme
Conspiracy starts to bud
Chemtrails and new vaccines
Polluting our children's blood

I've got my opinion
It's all a masterplan!

Hear me out! Prescriptions poison you
Siphillis? Just drink some mandrake juice
Tetanus? A massage will make it pass
Gonorrhea? Stick needles in your ass!

There's no doctor I can trust
I've ditched all my medicines
Now I'm feeling more robust
They were messing with my genes!

I've opened my eyes
I've seen behind the shroud!

Hear me out! Prescriptions poison you
HIV? Just quit the drug abuse
Appendix hurts? It's probably just gas
Diarrhea? Just try to plug your ass!

Come and take my hand
For your mind we must expand
Seek the truths you've been denied
The grim secrets of this life

Fight the powers of this World!

Hear me out! Prescriptions poison you
Whooping cough? Just don't you let it loose
Got the pox? You'll have to wear a mask
Polio? It's time to drag your ass!

Broken free
Now follow me
I promise you the truth you've been denied


Trallery + Soldier
  • Fecha: 22/9/2018
  • Lugar: Mogambo, Donosti
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