Gas Powered Jesus


Suspend the bounds of reason
Accept the coming blight
The grey that fuses black with white

The end of the cold season
Forfeit the bounds of sanity
The beast that dwells within humanity

It's calling me
The rush engulfs my soul and let's me see
We walk as one

In our kingdom moshing never sets
I'll fuel the sound and become whole
Beyond the blood, the tears and sweat
The more you give, the more you get

Endurance always vivid
A moment of release
The summoned strife that mixes war and peace

The feast of life and spirit
A makeshift brotherhood
The final trial for those who've understood

I live in thee
Devour my essence and you'll set me free

Follow the creed
A drop of blood within the bony sea
Brothers of soul

In our kingdom moshing never sets
Our trail was carved not long ago
Live on the adrenaline roulette
Toss in your fortunes and regrets

In our kingdom moshing never sets
One show is over, time to roam
Along the road from test to test
Now join your kin and fuck the rest


Trallery + Soldier
  • Fecha: 22/9/2018
  • Lugar: Mogambo, Donosti
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